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(Archived) Evernote 3.2.2 now live


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The Market on my Galaxy Tab showed there was an update available for Evernote. I installed it and the settings now show I have Build: 198968 Version: 3.2.2(public).

Interestingly, I checked on my phone (Thunderbolt) and it had 3.2.1. So, in Settings, I did Check for updates and it did not find an update. But, I went into the Market and it then said an Update was available. I installed it and now my phone, too, says it's on 3.2.2.

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So, everybody is clamoring for the ability to take handwritten notes. Count me among "everybody". And, really, for me anyway, I just mean on a tablet. I don't care about handwriting on my phone or my laptop.

And what I note (heh heh) is that Skitch might possibly be able to be used for this (though it would still probably need some enhancements) except for one thing. Images in a note don't display full-sized and inline, like they do when I view the same note in the Windows client. It's fine (to me, anyway), that images don't display inline when I view a note on my Android phone. But, when I'm using my Android tablet, I definitely think they should display just like they do in the Windows client.

And if they did, jotting down a page of notes in Skitch and, when the page is full, saving it back into the note, then opening a new page in Skitch would be okay (I think). As long as I could easily view them as a series of images in the note, instead of showing as attachments that I have to open and close one at a time.

Can't you guys just do some deal with HTC to buy or license the note-taking app from their Jetstream tablet, please? It is supposedly built right on top of the Evernote API. You would have to do some work to it to make it work on tablets that don't have the N-trig stylus and Duosense hardware. But then how awesome would that be?!?!

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