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(Archived) LOT of synchronisation issues albeit fairly simple setup

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Hi there!

I am very frustrated with Evernote and I would have given it up already if not most of my friends would be entirely happy with it. Well, I'm not, hopefully you can help me here or there:

I am using Evernote mainly on the iPhone, but also via various web browsers and via the apps for Mac and PC.

I am only using 3 text notes:

- to do

- to google

- to buy

in these 3 categories I write my various notes and reminders. (I don't use any other Evernote feature)

My main problem is that synchronisation works very, VERY bad. Entries I do on the iPhone are often not synced. When I open the app on the Mac I very often have duplicated entries within the 3 main topics. Means, I have all to-dos twice.

Another issue is that in the main view I see old entries. For example, when there is nothing in "to-buy", I still see my last entries in the overview screen. Even if I manually trigger the sync.

And there's more frustration, like crashing app on the iPhone, relatively long loading times.

I'm of course using the latest version per device. Already re-installed it on the iPhone several times.

Any recommendation? I have already considered to re-create my Evernote account. That's probably the only thing I have not yet tried.

Thx in advance!


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evernote often takes time to update, but I think there's a lot of time between you editing in your iphone to checking it on your computer, check if every single devices sync is on and sync whenever you open the program/app, you could even double sync if you need it.

The whole updating system on evernote is slow-ish but you shouldnt be affected by this too much...

...as in you might wanto double sync every device. Sometimes it doesn't sync the first time.

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The EN syncing works very well. It sounds like to me, you don't fully understand the sync process. It's especially important to understand it when you're often switching between devices/computers. Please read this post.

Fair guess, but wrong, I'm kind of an IT specialist.

I know syncronisation pretty well but I'm having so many different issues that I can't tell if it's a single source of error, or various. Let me give you a taste:

- EN crashing shortly after opening it (on iPhone, iOS4 and iOS5)

- error messages like "SSH error" or, just recently "Sync failed. The operation could not be completed (Cocoa error 133020)"

- EN opening sometimes fast, sometimes slow. (on the iPhone again) I assumed that fast opeing means that it was running in the background. Maybe it is, but this doesn't mean that it also syncs in the background. Means even it it opens quickly it then takes a long time to give me access to my notes because it's syncing first.

- old notes appearing in the overview screen. Only the details screen is up to date

- duplicate entries in the MacOS app.

It "just doesn't work". Being an IT guy I know that this wording is rubbish and doesn't help, that's why I'm asking if there's any way for troubleshooting. Is there a logfile somewhere? Anything else?

BTW: the other poster was right, there's plenty of time before I use EN on the other device. But I know people claiming they run it on various devices even at the same time and it still works perfectly. That's what drives me even more crazy. I have no special setup, no hacked iPhone, proper IT environment etc.

BTW II: I see that the pro version offers reading my notes offline. WTF? I can read my notes anyway offline. What do they mean? I already thought that this might be the key to the strange behaviour of my app, but who knows...

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iOS apps are a bit flaky at the moment. iOS5 is a particular dogs breakfast. I restrict myself to read only on existing notes and occasional create of new notes. Normally use FastEver app for new notes. The only exception to no edits for existing notes is to mark checkboxes as done in some text only todo notes.

I do most of my note edits on the windows desktop client, normally, in relatively long maintenance sessions. I sync before starting session and sync again when the session is complete.

As my primary OS is Linux, I do most of my interaction with Evernote via the web client. Any changes in the client are by definition automatically recorded to the service, however, there are a few cases where a note view can be delayed in refreshing. Most of my edits on the web client are related to recent clips or recent new notes from email portal. The exception

I mainly use my Touch with Evernote while offline. I sync before going offline and if necessary mark new notes for Favorites. I sync again when back online.

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Thanks a lot Owyn!!

Not sure if that was your intention, but I take it as confirmation that my problems are not the exception.

(albeit I'm having these issues since the very beginning= at least 1 year ago, not only since iOS5)

The bare existence of "Fastever" tells me that more people have the same problems. In fact, I swear it did happen to me one or two times that I wanted to take a note and after I finally sorted out the Evernote startup fuss I forgot what I wanted to write.

I can't use it like you because for me the iPhone app is the No.1 usage, the PC/Mac/Web stuff is just a nice to have. But also your described procedure confirms to me that my syncing problems are real. If I do it like you= give it time to sync and eventually trigger the sync manually then it would indeed work (unless it crashes, which it tends to do).

But that's not what I expect from such an app. I want to:

switch on the phone - start evernote - take note - switch off

That's in fact not possible.

I'm starting to think that EN would be a great tool for people needing all the features, but for my simple "take notes & sync it with a web account" it seems to be rubbish.

Would anybody agree?

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