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(Archived) Stack list not consistent across platforms: feature request



I'm mostly a Mac desktop client user and I like being able to see my notebook stacks with their sub-notebooks nestled inside. I've nestled them for a reason - they are grouped according to how I think of them, and it's conscious/intentional.

But this nestling structure doesn't carry over to other platforms, and it drives me nuts.

When I use the Chrome clipper, and go to choose the appropriate notebook, they all appear in one long alphabetical list. This is a nightmare - For example, I can never remember whether 'money' or 'finance' is for my personal or business records, but that would be obvious if those showed up nestled under their larger 'personal' or 'business' notebook stacks. Same for contracts, insurance, and a whole host of topics I've had to creatively name (because you can't use the same notebook name twice) in order to separate personal and business, and then forget how to use because creative names are not as helpful as obvious ones.

Same for iPhone notes and the list of notebooks that pops up there to choose from.

One workaround: I've started putting my business acronym (FQ) at the front of all business notebooks so that they show up together in these alphabetical lists, but then it's annoying when I'm using the Mac Mail send-to-notebook feature (wait, did I call this @FQ money? @money? @FQ finance? @personal finance? Yuck yuck yuck.) Everything ends up getting sent to @pending and I have to go in and manually sort it from the oh-so-easy desktop client view later.


And a call for help on ways to work around it in the meantime.


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Thanks for posting. We try to keep the nesting whenever possible, but with some platforms there are conflicting priorities that sometimes prevents that. I'll bring up the cases you brought up and see if we can do better.

Personally, I think what you're doing makes the most sense. File somewhere and organize later. Things like the clippers or mobile apps have less functionality. So things like organizing can be harder to do, so just do it on the Mac (or Windows) Client.

Another route is to get rid of stacks altogether and just prefix everything. So you would have FQ Money and P Money (P stands for Personal)

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Hi dlu,

Thanks so much for the reply. Hopefully it's a feature others would find useful as well, and it makes its way into the product line.

The 'stash now, organize later' approach works ok, but I can't help but feel it's inefficient and contrary to generally-accepted productivity principles like only touching something once. Every time I set aside a few minutes to go into @pending and sort notes appropriately, I find myself thinking 'this should be easier.' Just my two cents.

I like your idea about putting P in front of personal notebooks and might do for now - thanks for that!

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The stash now and organize later approach works best if you're going to do bulk organization, tagging or other things that are more intensive or non-trivial. There are some things that are just easier to do on the desktop than trying to do them on your phone or elsewhere.

For your case of just moving things in different notebooks, the prefix approach is simpler

good luck!

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