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(Archived) Tags are missing (again)

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I use evernote on (synced) 2 macs, 1 windows, 1 ipad.

It has a great value for me, but the instability starts worrying me :

During the last weeks I noted that tags seems to disappear, and sometimes re-appear...

Currently all my GTD tags (!!today, !someday, @work, @home, etc) are missing.

The were all under a generic !GTD tag.

The tags are still in the notes, I see them on my iPad, but are missing on my macs and on the online interface...

I noticed the same thing with a completely different tag a few days ago. (this tag reappeared later)

This behavior gives me a bad feeling, since I base my work to be done on it.

Am I alone in this?

Should I move back to other GTD and note taking tools

All advice welcome


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Some more information on my own topic :

I still can select the tag in the tag pulldown list on the mac-app

The tags still show up when I create a new note

They just don't show in the list.

Strangely enough on multiple macs ...

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And are they helping?

Maybe too soon, just got a 'we've got your message and will answer in 24 h

But my question still is : Am I the only one experiencing this issue?

I know at least 1 other user who quitted Evernote for 'reliability' reasons.

Since I trust a lot of my work to Evernote, I want to be shure.

So, all feedback more than welcome


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Got a message from support (well in the promised 48 h timeframe)

They rebuild my tag-list.

I synced again, and all my missing tags did re-appear

Great job from support.

What still worries me is : what happened, and can it happen again ...

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that's a reasonable concern. i have had unreliability issues (notes fail to save properly in ios and osx) in the past. support was helpful, but ultimately unable to resolve the issue. they couldn't recover the information (it wasn't saved) and they did not know why it happened.

is your issue (or mine) a deal breaker?

i would say not.you just have to talk to support if it happens again (i just have to be careful to save work often, as i should have been doing anyhow). our data is there. it can be exported anytime and used in another application if we decide to abandon evernote.

there is really nothing to lose, and considering all of evernote's great features, there is a lot to enjoy here that you won't find anywhere else. for example, do you know of any other programs that sync across all of your devices and are more reliable than evernote? evernote has a lot more functionality, but even at this basic level, it is far superior to other options out there (in my opinion).

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