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(Archived) Geotag - GPS integration?

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I've read some articles that hinted at automatically geotagging photo notes by pulling the current GPS location from a mobile device (particularly the iPhone 2.0), but I haven't seen it mentioned in these forums or in any official announcements...

Are there plans to offer geotagging and GPS integration? If so, what is the timeline for its release?

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Any note may have a longitude and latitude assigned if we are able to determine the GPS information when it is created. For example, this note in my public notebook contains an image with GPS coordinates in its EXIF extension block, and we extract this to set the note's location (see the "map" link on the top of the page to open this in Google Maps):

http://www.evernote.com/pub/dave/test#d ... f1c27013ce

The new iPhone application will set the latitude and longitude for any note that you create with the iPhone. This will use GPS with the new 3G device, or a combination of mobile tower and WiFi locations otherwise.

We plan to expand our use of geolocation in the future, now that more capture devices are able to determine this information.


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Thanks, we're definitely interested in doing this on WM, but the programming access to this feature is a little more tricky than on iPhone, so we haven't released it yet.

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Hi All

In the pass When I write note using ever note. I am able click on place to view where I wrote the note ?

Now I am using ver 4.1.7 , I am not able get the detail information to link my note to map.

Same also photo taken also unable to have geotag link to map.

Hope some one can tell me where I go wrong ?

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@Paulyeo11: I don't know if anyone will answer in this old thread, but generally when you ask a question you need to specify which platform you're on (blackberry, iphone, android, windows 7 etc.), because Evernote works differently on different platforms.

From the version number 4.1.7 I'm deducing that you're using Evernote for iOS (iPhone or iPad).

On the iPhone or iPad, you open the note, tap on the blueish text "Details" (to the right of the note title), then scroll down in the new screen and tap on "Show on map".

As to my knowledge, you can't change the location of a note on Evernote for iPad, but you can change it on the iPhone. To do so, edit the note, tap the info button (the letter i in a circle), then tap the Location button.

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