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(Archived) How do I get a notebook to be available to others using EN

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I've noticed in the Trunk section of EN that they have other people's notebooks that EN users can add to their own EN Notebooks for free.

My question is do these people pay an advertising fee to EN for this, do they submit their notebooks to EN for review and then EN decides which ones are good enough to be shown at the site, etc.

Also if I make my own EN notebook "Public" how do people find it? Do I have to notify each person that I want to see it?



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Thanks. I subscribed to "Ron's Evernote notebook. I got all his "notes" in his notebook. This is what I want to do also. How do I get my notebooks available so that someone can "download" my notebooks into their own EN desktop software? Sorry for such stupid questions but I've been looking for the past 6 or 8 hours on how to do this and can't find the answer anywhere. maybe it's time for a break and a glass of whine.

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