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(Archived) [BUG] Chrome Clipper becomes inoperative after file download


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I am using Chrome version 14.0.835.202m. After I download a file by clicking on a file download hyperlink in a web page, the Evernote web clipper extension becomes temporarily inoperative. If I click on the Evernote button to save the current web page, I get a light blue floating "balloon" DIV at first says "synchronizing" but then becomes empty (no text or graphics). After about 10 seconds I get the floating div changes to the Evernote web clipper dialog with a warning at the top of it that says:

Sorry, Evernote tried to clip this page, but the page is unresponsive. You can stil remember this page with its URL but without content.

Apparently something about downloading a file, perhaps the appearance of the Chrome Save File dialog box, causes Evernote to believe the web page is unresponsive. Fortunately, refreshing the web page and clicking on the Evernote button again resolves the problem.

-- roschler

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Yeah. The clipper can get confused about what it is clipping. Another way to cause a similar symptom is to start clipping description information from a YouTube clip and then quickly click the Like button.

You learn to wait until the clip confirmation is received before disturbing the current page.

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