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(Archived) Feature suggestion: "pinning" notes

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I was wondering about a feature in the desktop client (I use the mac one mostly).

I'd like to be able to "pin" a note at the top of my notebook, so that it stays at the top until I "un-pin" it.

It's kind of like what happens in the file list in Excel/Word 2010 for windows but with notes...

My 2 cents...

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By "favorites bar," do you mean the display for notebooks, tags, etc.? If so, how do you save notes there? I can't figure out how to do that.

In response to the original question, and backing up the last post, if you want certain posts always available with one click (you won't get them always available with zero clicks), assign them a tag like "!" or "*" so that tag is at the top. That way you can see all your "pinned" posts with one click of a tag that should always be visible. Assigning and removing that tag will be as quick and convenient as any other method of "pinning."

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