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(Archived) How to clip full webpage on Android...


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... using the Share function in the browser to get a copy of the full webpgae rather than just the url of the page visited. That would be very useful. Clipping a webpage on Android using Evernote only brings limited value at present as the note consists only of the web address and title of the note!

Is it possible to implement such a feature?

If that cant be done on a phone, can it be done on a tablet?

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Share the web page to Skitch. Problem solved.

When sharing a website to skitch then you can swipe and move this website in skitch until you see the part of the website that you want to save. Then you click "Record" and only this visible part of the website is stored to Evernote. But this is the same as simply making a screenshot and sending this sceenshot to Evernote or I am missing something here?

Is there a way to save a whole webpage to Evernote with Skitch?


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