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(Archived) How to invite a list on 1,000+ people

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I have just started using EN and think it's pretty amazing. I have put some course material into EN and would like to invite well over 1,000 students to see my EN course material. I can't seem to be able to do an "invite" unless I type in each email address individually. So I don't want to have to type in over 1,000 email addresses each time I want to invite someone to see a new course or something.

Is there anyway that I can cut and paste (can do it now) into the invite "box" or to import a list into the invite "box".

Please let me know. My fingers are falling off :-)


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In *theory*, you could subscribe those 1000+ people to a mailing list, and invite the mailing list's email address to the notebook.

If you do not "require login", it *may* work for multiple people before the link expires, who should then be able to link the notebook to their account.

If you "require login", the link will *only* work once.

Note: you cannot invite an "alias" like this with any security features and have the link work, for example, you cannot allow people to modify, etc, as that would require login.

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Thanks for letting me know about this. Can you tell me how I would invite the people by a sending an email to them? I do have the list of people in a database and it would be easy to send them an email. But where would I "send" them? Do I just cut and paste the link or something?

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