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(Archived) Can I do this with Everynote - Please help

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I have a course on commodity trading that is currently in Onenote. The notebook/course is broken into several sections and each section has multiple pages.

What I want to do is be able for my students to order this course and go through it yet allow me to add content on a weekly basis. I guess I could do this with Onenote but then each student will have to purchase Onenote which I don't really want them to have to do.

Now here is the challenge. .................... If I convert this into Onenote and put it up on the web for the students to be able to use online can I password protect it? The updates to the course will be on a subscription basis and if someone cancels their subscription then they should not be allowed access to the notebook and updates again. How could I stop someone from accessing this notebook if they don't pay the subscription every month?

I could send them the original notebook/course and they could use it on their computer and not have the subscription service if they want to do that. But if they want to subscribe to the service could they take the new pages each week that are added to the online version and put them into their own notebooks? Or would it be better to not do an online version and just email them the pages that I update each week and let them add those pages to their own course/notebook. Is it possible to just do a Blog post of a notebook and have them subscribe to a blog? All this is so new to me that I feel really dumb about now. I like the idea that each student can have the ability to add pages to their own notebook. This way they can learn from others and keep that in their own notebook. Is it possible to just email a new "page" for EN to someone and they add that page to their own EN.

I also would like to be able to embed video into a notebook page. Is this possible or would I only be able to add a link in the notebook that they would click and it would "take them" to the video that could be stored on the website or even on their PC. (I could post the video and they could download it)

If anyone could add some light to this for me it would be greatly appreciated.


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You can't password protect the notebook - but you can remove their access by updating your sharing prefs (very easy).

You can add a video to a note but you are limited by note size.

I see now how to remove the access by just removing their email address. That certainly would be easy.

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