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(Archived) Wish: Extendable sortable Datafield/Attributes and Others

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What i wanted in Evernote was a simple way of determining that items tagged with X or Y tags would automatically receive one or more sortable datafield/attribute, lets say A, B and C.

This way, i could use Evernote to make lists of stuff and sort items by those attributes.

Also, if i retag an item from a tag X that creates the A B and C attributes, and add the Y tag, that asks for the A B C and D attribute, the item would automatically receive that new D attribute.

If i retag an item from the tag X to the tag Z, that demands the A, D and E attributes, the D and E attributes would be added, and the B and C would be supressed/hidden. If i return from tag Z to tag X, the D and E attributes would be supressed and the B and C attributes shown again with their previous hidden values.

So the entries could take a ride around the system and 'transmutate' according to the place they are currently in.

Also, i long for hierarchical Saved Searches.

Maybe this is beyond the scope of Evernote, but it has progressed _A LOT_ over time. Two years ago i could have never imagined how it would be what it is today, so... who knows!

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