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(Archived) Evernote for Windows 8

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I installed windows 8 today and I think it's great and I was thinking about Evernote in Metro UI. It would be really great. It can be fast. Sharing with charm would be really great for collecting more information and write notes on Windows. The spinning feature would be really great for getting things done without distraction.

Do you have any plan to produce native windows 8 program?


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Considering Evernote exist on webOS, the Blackberry Tablet OS and even the old Windows Mobile OS, it would be hard to imagine the next version of Windows slipping by unnoticed.

As it is now, Evernote (for Windows XP, Vista and 7) won't work on Windows 8 without going to the "backwards compatibility 'old dekstop' App", something I don't intend to do much on the desktop and that I certainly won't do on a Windows 8 tablet. If Evernote wants to be visible hundreds of millions of Windows people after 2012, they are going to be in that App store Windows 8 will launch with.

The idea of tiles instead of static icons is so obvious that it's strange how we are now just making the transition. Imagine if the Evernote tile showed a recent snapshots, your saved searches or most popluar tags. Hopefully Windows will let apps update automatically like the Apple App store.

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By the time WIN 8 will be officilly released, EN will surely be ready for it. But this won't happen any time soon. Wait until next year.


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