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(Archived) Notational Velocity search/ create bar

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Hi, I am a new user of Evernote recently migrating from Notational Velocity. I love all the great features of EN and really appreciate them after using something so simple. However I still admire Notational Velocity's ease of use and lack of clutter. One of the things which achieves this is having a single bar for both searching and creating notes. Simply typing into the search bar displays the search results and hitting enter either opens an existing note if its name matches the input or creates a note with that name. If this were implemented on EN it would remove the need for two bars (one up the top and one above the note). As for renaming notes, the title of the note could be displayed in the actual note itself either seperated from the content by a line or in a Onenote-style header box: BlankOneNote.PNG

This is just an idea and I know how hard it is for the EN developers to keep up with all our requests but I believe it will make this program quicker to use and simpler

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