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(Archived) Feature request: Embedding files into evernote

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Currently we can import PDFs, jpegs, text, web pages etc. I'm using evernote more and more for storing important documents. Unfortunately, they come in things like Word format, or Excel spreadsheets, which I can't put into Evernote. Now, searching and editing these is obviously a major project, and might not even be feasible in Evernote. But, just having them in Evernote as a central file repository would be handy. Any chance of this? The way that current PDFs are handled would be fine for me (as a mac user). I guess I could print each document to PDF and import that into Evernote, but it's time consuming and the file sizes can quickly become sizable.

I could save my important word and excel documents to some file sharing / backup system, but I'd much rather have _everything_ in Evernote - it's really becoming the way I organise my work and life. With documents in Evernote, I know they're safe and accessible if something happens to my main machine.

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Thanks for the feedback. We're considering options around this which would be valuable for our users without having us just become a dumping ground for .exe files, warez, etc. Thanks for the input.

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I second the request - this is the big thing that's stopping me from transitioning from OneNote to Evernote: onenote can handle embedded files.

I understand, however, that Evernote doesn't want to become a bloated repository for everone's files.

A suggestion: what if you create an easy way to link to a third-party online file repository, like OneBox? Ideally,I'd like to see something where, if I drop an .exe or .doc file into Evernote, it automatically uploads my file to my Onebox account and creates a link to that file in a new note.

I'm sure there are other, better services for this than OneBox - that's just the one I use.

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