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(Archived) Sharing Medical Updates - best way?

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I use the premium version of EN for my business & personal use.

Right now I am trying to set up EN to keep my family updated about my mother-in-law's medical condition. There are about 20 family members scattered all over the US & Canada. I have registered a separate (free) account for this purpose so that I can give others access to it if necessary.

An invitation to share the single notebook has been sent to everyone, along with the email address for sending their updates after they visit, or talk to a Dr. about her condition.

Has anyone set something like this up before? It is similar to a business collaboration, but with less tech savvy people. Some can access by phone app, others will access it by web.

The only thing I seem to be wishing for is an automatic email, RSS feed, or other instant notification that the notebook has changed. I see on another thread that this is a popular feature request. We want to keep this private, so posting on facebook is not an option.

Any suggestions or tips would be greatly appreciated!



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Thanks for the link. That type of site is more of a blog, and falls on the shoulders of only one person, and not a collaboration type of set-up that the smart phone set can text updates to.

I think I have found a workaround.

I set up a new email address in Gmail specifically as an email notification resource. Then I set up a filter in this address to send to Evernote, for a permanent record in the shared notebook, and also a notification via email to all the people I can set up in a filter. Right now it works in my little test to 3 addresses, but I have to set up a filter for each person. I will send them a private email to ask if they want to be immediately notified, or if they just want to log into the Evernote account on the web.

Thanks for your help,


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and falls on the shoulders of only one person,

Could be. I've never used it & only recently found out about it. I do know first hand it's absolutely exhausting to be the one (in my case) point person for the patient & their docs/treatment decisions/financial decisions (especially when they may change due to a drastic change in health issues) & keeping the family/friends informed. My experience was very recent (within the last six months) & I finally decided my siblings got a call within a day or two, as I could fit it in. (Sometimes it's just fitting it in emotionally...) I'd update other family/friends on Facebook & everyone else (which was most of my mom's friends, since she's 94) got updated with a personal call or letter as time/energy allowed. Which pretty much equated to 3-4 weeks later. I do remember telling my husband one night, as I was spent that there should be a better way of informing "the masses" by submitting a single post, somewhere. So when I saw the info on the website, I "Evernoted" it.

It sounds like you've got a nifty setup for your situation. Good luck!

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