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(Archived) Can you share all notes but make only 1 notebook private

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Hi all,

I see how to share one notebook. However, the way I have my EN setup all of my client notes are organized by tabs. EN made me do this due to the 100 notebook limit. I would like to be able to share everything with my assistance. However, I have some personal notes in a few folders "Travel, Scouts, etc". I would like to keep these, and only these private.

Any thoughts?


Steve J.

Premium for about 2 years.

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Hi Steve - not sure I understood your situation fully; are you saying you have around 100 notebooks? As I understand it, sharing is a Notebook level decision, so provided you can put your personal notes in one or more Notebooks that are not shared, you should be able to share the rest without affecting your personal data. If you're referring to stacks (you mention "folders"?) then again AFAIK sharing applies to the individual notebooks you specify, and not parent or child siblings in the stack.

If you're bumping on the limit for the total notebooks, you'll either have to make a good case to Support and see what they say (asking can't hurt..), or you'll have to condense some of your stuff into fewer notebooks. Personally, good titles and tags allow me to put most of my stuff into one notebook. Additional notebooks are purely (my opinion) for sharing with others, or for making searches easier by grouping things like press cuttings in one place. Cuttings (and other things like user guides) otherwise flood searches with hits you normally don't need when looking for Grandma's address and phone number. Plus I'm much too lazy to navigate down to the correct level every time I post something, and stuff would inevitably wind up in several unconnected places in my stacks.

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