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(Archived) Great app, but one f'ed up thing is...


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After putting in 20+ notes so far for lcasses on my Galaxy Tab 10.1, never encountered the limit while taking notes and pictures for culinary class... Then pops up notice that you exceeding the note limit size for free. So I subscribe for it for a month (will go for. a year), but was in a bit of a rush to get back...

So after subscribing/paying, back to evernote, my note in progress is lost. :) I almost shouted "What the f" out loud in class. Will submit ticket/support email so it does not happen again to anyone. Sigh.

Just need to voice out what I felt.

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Sorry to hear that. We are currently improving the upgrade process. I'll report the issue.

Great! Make it a priority so no one get this issue again. Losing one hour worth of lecture sucks :(

Do I get free year worth of evernote subscription for losing my notes? :)

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