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(Archived) Marketing info in Activity Log

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Nothing earth-shattering, just interesting to dig into.

I don't spend much time in the Activity log, but after a suggestion from an Evernote employee, I took a look at it. (>Help >Activity Log)

Near the top of the log was marketing info on 5 ads (and 15 Evernote quotes) that are running in Evernote. The impression time and count are included in the log.

Premium user can turn the ads off, but I like to see who is promoting the company. The activity log gives me some insight into what ads are running and how often.

  • Synchronizing ads
    Reporting 20 ads, language: "en"
    clientProperty: [client]=[EvernoteWindows]
    advertiserName="Yam Labs"
    advertiserName="OfficeDrop (P)"
    advertiserName="Evernote Quotes"
    ad id=530, impression time=1560 count=13
    ad id=256, impression time=840 count=7
    ad id=523, impression time=2160 count=18
    ad id=529, impression time=2160 count=18
    ad id=217, impression time=1440 count=12
    ad id=532, impression time=1320 count=11
    ad id=261, impression time=960 count=8
    ad id=496, impression time=1320 count=11
    ad id=486, impression time=1920 count=16
    ad id=483, impression time=1560 count=13
    ad id=258, impression time=2400 count=20
    ad id=516, impression time=1440 count=12
    ad id=253, impression time=2400 count=20
    ad id=264, impression time=1080 count=9
    ad id=491, impression time=1440 count=12
    ad id=482, impression time=1440 count=12
    ad id=493, impression time=2040 count=17
    ad id=492, impression time=2280 count=19
    ad id=244, impression time=1920 count=16
    ad id=488, impression time=1320 count=11


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