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(Archived) Not syncing on HTC HD Android


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It used to sync successfuly but now it doesn't. There is no error message and after selecting the sync option, there is no message to say whether it has synced or not. I don't know if that's normal.

Under the "View note info" the date for the "Updated" field is 23rd Sept. I don't know if this field means last updated but if it does then clearly it's not updating.

I am a free user and sync my notes between my HTC HD, PC and laptop.

I have not knowingly changed any settings but it used to work fine.

Thanks for your attention and hope you can help me.

My Evernote version is build 176558 Version 3.2(public)

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Just to let you know the problem has been sorted.

I only ever edit Evernote on my laptop or PC but my phone has not been updating the changes. Therefore, I decided to edit a note on the phone for the first time instead. This was successful but unfortunately all the changes I had made on my PC and laptop since the problem occurred have been deleted.

Anyway, I don't know what caused the problem but it seems to be back to normal now with the phone now updating new entries from my laptop and PC.

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