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I have an interesting (read: I'm beating my head against the table) problem. I'm trying to make some of my Evernote notes available in a finder saved search. Here is what I'm trying to do. I do my professional writing in two programs: Evernote and Scrivener. I want to search in the Lion Finder and locate the files from both programs I've worked on in the last week. Should be easy. First I've added 'system files' to the search so that it will look in the library folder. Then I've made the normal 'modified in the last 1 week' in the bar. Then added the following phrase to the search window: "kind: Evernote Note OR kind: Scrivener Project" Works great. My window populates with exactly the files I want (I think), however, instead of listing the names of the notes, which I'm guessing is stored as evernote metadata somewhere, it lists the Evernote files with obscure and cryptic names like 'p4138.ennote.'

Is there a way to attach the titles to the notes so this would be more useful?

What would really be kick butt, though I suspect impossible, is to get it to search a evernote tag or even a saved search data so that I could tease out only the writing and ignore the pictures of dogs, business cards and menus I upload all the time.

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