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(Archived) Should I Upgrade?



So I've been holding off on upgrading to Safari 5.1 and Evernote 3 due to some of the complaints I've heard, such as problems with the web clipper and tag searching. However, I don't want to get left too far behind, so I'm thinking about biting the bullet. Have all of the problems been resolved in the last month or so? Does the web clipper work without internet access like in previous versions? Also, would I be able to roll back with my notes if I decide I'm not happy with Evernote 3? Thanks for any help or suggestions.

Edit: Just thought I should mention I'm running Snow Leopard in case it makes any difference.

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Yes you can upgrade, the new Safari clipper is not quite as slick as the previous version and doesn't save to PDF, apart from that I'm sure you will be fine.

I don't think you can roll back your notes.

I use Evernote countless times every day - there aren't any bugs that are stopping me doing anything at the moment.

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I have an issue and need some help;

I just installed the clipper in Safari 5.1 and when I click on the icon, enter my user name and password I get this message:

"Your browser's preferences conflict with the Evernote extension. Try restoring Chrome's privacy content settings..."

I am not sure what I need to do and why a Safari extension is talking about Chrome.

Any Help?

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We have published version 1.0.1 of Safari Web Clipper with support for Safari 5.1.1. If you have auto updates enabled in Safari preferences you should get the new update after a browser restart.

Or get it directly here:


Known issues:

- Cursor not blinking in the input fields

- Selection clipping via popup is unstable (use right click menu for best results)

- Some error messages are incorrect

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