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REQUEST: Scroll web page while clipping full article



I know this may not be possible depending on how a Chrome handles the loss of "focus" when an Extension is activated, but I figured I'd ask anyways. When clipping a web page using "full article" with the Evernote Chrome web clipper extension, if you try to scroll the page to make sure the selection area contains every thing you want to capture, the web clipper exits and the selection area is lost so you can't inspect it. I'd like to be able to scroll the web page or somehow see the entire selection area before saving the clip.

-- roschler

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Now it's been quite a while and looks like the issue hasn't received any attention at all. Please work on it, it's a major accessibility problem! It's very inconvenient to select the clipping area when you can't see where it ends!

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Yeah. That bugs me as well.

I do an almost immediate quick visual check of new clips. Explicitly select & re-clip if not enough has been clipped. Edit and remove leading/trailing cruft if too much has been clipped.

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Any update on this?

I noticed that currently scrolling the page while clipping *does* work in Chrome under Windows (so it's possible to do) but *does not* work in Chrome under Linux. Please fix this, it's really important to see the clipped area!

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