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I have a note that I use to keep a particularly recalcitrant employees' task list in - I keep a link to this note in my hand favourites bar. All cool so far, however, when I want to go and grab the link to the note so that I can copy it into an email I have to go and find the note manually.

It seems when you have a note in the favourites bar, the notebook panel automatically sets itself to All Notebooks (I guess because the link to the note is really a search) and so you have to do an eyeball search to find it by scrolling through all notes.

This behaviour is preventing me from rolling evernote out to the many thousands of employees in my organisation/preventing me from going premium/preventing me from renewing premium/preventing me recommending Evernote to anyone.

Please note, this is also clearly very easy to fix.

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No, I can edit the note and it is highlighted on the list - unfortunately it's at the bottom or close to the bottom of the note list (sorted by title), so I have to scroll to it.

I would have thought it might make more sense to select the correct notebook or only show the relevant note in the list?

Anyway, I'm off to demand a refund.

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No, actually I did suggest that when the note link functionality was released and someone from Evernote (may even have been CTO bloke) told me in no uncertain terms that I was doing it wrong.

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