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(Archived) FEATURE REQUEST: Better Tag Navigation


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Dear Evernote

It would be very convenient to be able to "jump" to the tag of a note from the list of the note's tags. In other words, when I open the "View note info" dialog box, for instance, I'd like to be able to touch one of the note's tags and view all the notes that are tagged with that tag. That would be an awesome feature for the desktop version as well. I think this will make navigation through the Evernote database much more flexible and natural. I often find myself opening a note and wanting to quickly access a tag of that note to see related notes, but that particular tag would be like 5 steps away, where it could have been just a touch away with this feature. Think how much richer the user experience could be! (It could also easily apply to this kind of quick access to a note's notebook.)

Another awesome addition would be the ability to quickly switch between a tag's notes and its child tags. Right now, you have to press back and reopen the tag in the note view or the child tag view, assuming you accessed the tag from the tag tree. What if you came to the tag from a shortcut on your home? or from the above feature scenario? I believe that the distance between a tag's notes and its child tags should be one touch.

Now these two features could make navigating through the Evernote database as smooth as butter!

Thank you for considering this humble suggestion.


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