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(Archived) Sharing select notes - not entire notebook?



Can you share just SOME notes in a notebook?


I have a notebook stack for my business. In there is a notebook for conferences. I'd like to be able to some of the notes from a particular conference, but not all of them (and not the business card snapshots I took at that conference).


I have a notebook stack for travel. In there is a notebook for Portland. I'd like to be able to share some of those notes (e.g., restaurants to check out; best bookstores) but not all of them (e.g., the note with the address/door code of the house I normally stay in).

Basically, I'd like to be able to send someone a link to my SHARED conference notes, or SHARED Portland notes, without them being able to see privates notes I keep in the same notebooks.

Is this possible?

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You can share notes by individual URL. In Windows (sorry, you'll have to convert this to equivalent instructions for the Mac client :? ) right-click on a note in the preview/list pane and select Share/Copy Note URL to Clipboard. The URL can be sent to anyone and the particular note becomes public to anyone who has the link.

I'll admit that this could be a little laborious if you want to share a number of notes, but it's the best I can come up with!

There is a way, I believe, to use the search syntax to locate notes that have been previously shared, but I am unable to find it in the forums now (my search for 'find shared notes' or 'search shared notes' was ridiculously ineffective!)

Update: I found it! Search for "sharedate:*" to reveal notes that you have shared.

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That would work I guess, but be rather laborious as you said.

Do you need the sharees (did I just make up a word?) to be able to edit the notes as well as view them? This method won't allow this I don't think.

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Thanks, David. Yes, sending along a shared-note URL for the majority of notes in a notebook is definitely too cumbersome to be useful in this case (for me to do, and for the folks I'm sharing with to manage upon receipt).

Metrodon - in my particular needs so far, no, I don't need the sharees (love it!) to be able to edit, although I can easily see how that would be useful within this proposed feature.

It seems Evernote has considered that you might want to share a small number of notes within a private notebook, but not the reverse - that you'd want to keep a small number of notes private in a shared notebook. I'm surprised by this, so maybe I'll submit it as a feature request on the podcast.

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