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(Archived) How move Note Panel to side instead of below Note List?


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In "List" view, is it possible to move the "note panel" to the RIGHT instead of below the note list? Both snippet and thumbnail views have this arrangement by default. Many screens are widescreen and this view would be helpful.


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No, it is not possible to move any of panels. All you can do is resize them, hide them, or toggle off some of the options.

Here is how I modify the Snippet view.


By hiding the Left Panel (F10), I get quite a bit more real estate.

I get a bit more space by toggling off the Note Info (F8) and the Editing Toolbar (Ctrl + F8)

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Look at this!  How did he do it?

You should note that you're looking at the Mac client, not the Windows client. :)

Even so, try hitting Ctrl+Shift+F5 once or twice, and the List View view should shift between horizontal (above the note editing panel) and vertical (to the left of the note editing panel)

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I did realize I was looking at a Mac version, but I had hoped it was also available on PC.  So I loaded EV on an old mac I have and was able to recreate the view in the pic above.  As you know there is a "side list view" in the Mac version, when I found that I lost hope for it being in the PC version, because I couldn't locate it in the PC version.  But your solution Ctrl+Shift+F5 WORKS PERFECTLY!  Thank you very much!  

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I have been a big supporter of the incredibly useful Vertical List View.

I often refer to it as the Evernote Stealth view - its fantastic abilities really should be promoted more aggressively.


Here is what it looks like on my Windows machine.



Currently running Evernote for Windows (268917) Public until December and then I will decided if I should upgrade to version 5.

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