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(Archived) Notes deleted when synced




I'm a fairly new user of Evernote; I downloaded the app based on recommendations from friends after frustration with the Notes app on my iPad2.

I took several written notes on my iPad at a conference I recently attended. When I got home, I synced Evernote from my desktop, and all the notes I took at the conference got wiped off my iPad. Perhaps I didn't save them properly, since they didn't show up in the Evernote cloud (or whatever it's called), but, still, I can't believe they were completely deleted from the device I took them on.

Is there any way to get these back?


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Hi, metrodon -

Thanks for responding. I did try to sync my iPad with Evernote, but for some reason, it wasn't successful. That's why I then did the sync via my desktop, which appears to have wiped out the notes on my iPad....

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Well, if you didn't sync your iPad then you haven't got your notes up to Evernote and so it's not surprising that they aren't on your device.

However, this doesn't explain why they no longer remain on your iPad - and I'm very tempted to ask are you sure?

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I don't see them anywhere.. I have two Evernote notebooks that appear - one is the one created when I got the app, the second is the one I created before the conference to hold the conference notes. The notes I took while at the conference, I put into the conference notebook. There is now nothing in that conference notebook. (The first notebook has only one note that is an intro from Evernote.)

Am I missing something? Is there any place else to look for these notes?

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