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(Archived) notes truncate when editing


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I'm running the latest Evernote on my Android Samsung Charge. When I look at a long note I have in read-only mode, it looks fine. When I click the menu button and Edit, the note then truncates a few lines before the end and I can't edit the note (I type characters and they don't show up). The note is <10K characters. I can edit it fine on my PC with the PC version of Evernote.

Any ideas? I didn't see any known issues when searching the forums.


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I think I have the same problem, but hadn't realised there was a text-box limit on Android devices. I have an HTC Sensation, and I've noticed that some of my Notes open up and then allow me to edit directly in the note itself, whereas others, when I go to menu --> edit open up a greyed area at the bottom of the screen with only the paragraph showing that was nearest the cursor in the main body.

Its very annoying, as the greyed edit area doesn't seem to let you use all the rich text options like bullets.

Is this a 'feature' of Android generally? Is this something that can be fixed by a change in Evernote or in an Android setting?

Either way, I've become an Evernote adict, but this edit capability is very frustrating.


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I have the same problem using Samsung Galaxy S2 and I posted my question under "note corrupted after editing" on Oct 14th (Sorry for that, but my English is to bad to look for truncate while searching) :(

But I don´t think it´s just a problem of text field size as I have found a work-around which allows much bigger text files to handle.

If there is a chart in the note (I pasted one from a word-file into the note) I am able to view and edit even notes with more than 60k letters.

Unfortunately in this mode I have the same restrictions as Jabe mentioned and a solution would make Evernote more valuable.


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Same problem with me, get gray fielf, 3 dots, have to tap gray field first before beeing able to edit notes. Issue of new version 3.2.2 ? How can I return to previous version ? Its a pain editing notes like this. My phone SE SK 17i. Anybody an idea how to fix J

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It is sounding to me like this needs fixing. I am not aware of an Android limit that forces different behaviours, and the notes I get this behaviour on have no weird formatting other than plain ordinary bullets.


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Has nothing to do with length of note. I've got one note with the same behaviour as described above. Some content where pasted from Word into the Windows Evernote app. If I create a new note, copy the content from the one having problem, I still see the issues in the new one when opening in the Android app (both Samsung tablet and Sony Ericsson phone). If I instead copy the content via Notepad into a new note (still doing this in Windows), I lose the formatting, but it can be opened and edited just fine in the Android app.

Note! I have other longer formatted notes that I can open in the Android app without problems.

Issues when copying content from Word or other apps? Metadata causing the problems?

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I have also noticed this and I see I have lost a lot of data in notes I don't refer to a lot. This really makes the product useless to me if I can't count on it keeping the data I put in it.

I stopped using Evernote on my droid. This is really serious. I am not even sure that it is the Droid.

Anybody hear of any fix for this?

- david

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