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(Archived) Unable to log in to webclipper - Firefox/Linux


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I am using Firefox 6.0.2 and Webclipper, but I am unable to sign in to the Webclipper. This is because, for some strange reason, anything typed in capitals is coming out in lowercase. As my password has capital letters, it won't authenticate.

I have tried copying and pasting my password, but it is still being converted into lower-case!

I am able to sign in to the web version of Evernote fine, and have un-installed and re-installed the web-clipper.

Any suggestions (other than changing my password)?

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If you have already signed into the web client on the browser you should not have to sign into the clipper as well.

In fact, I always login via the client. I use LastPass and it does not handle the clipper login dialog, so...

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