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(Archived) 3 user - exchange one notebook and make it searchable

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hi all,

i search for a solution and iam not sure if this is already existing. we are three user (1 premium and 2 free accounts in the moment) and the pro user is shareing a notebook for the others with read and write access. We are all working on the osx app (not we website). The problem that we have in the moment:

a, the two free user´s cannot do a search over the complete notebooks (just about their privates but not about the linked/shared ones - and i share 30 notebooks for relevant company data)

b, the two free users cannot move one note from one shared notebook to another (where they have read and write access)

Is there a solution for this - perhaps through sponsored accounts or with premium accounts?

many thanks

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Well for the sharing you're looking for to take place, you'd definitely need all three to have premium accounts.

Whether you go with a sponsored account or three separate premium accounts is really up to preferences of the three involved. If you want to control billing, a sponsored account will work for you, and you can scale up more premium users if the situation calls for it. If you want to keep billing separate, and the other two currently free users are interested in maintaining their own premium accounts, then three separate accounts may work for you.

A sponsored account would come with a reduced cost. See more about sponsored accounts here: http://www.evernote.com/about/sponsor/

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Ok now we setup a group of three members. Now the people can modify a note and move/copy it from one notebook to the others - But my biggest question is now: How can the group members search across all shared notebooks? They always have to select one shared notebook and can only search in the selected one! I need a function to search across shared notebooks? Is there a workaround? Also i need to know how to save searches for the shared notebooks. Please advise...thanks

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