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(Archived) Feature Request: hyperlinks to files and applications

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I'm in love with evernote on all my devices and I thought there was mothing more to wish for! Then I bought "things" (todo list manager for mac). In this app you can drag and drop any file, image or even specific emails etc into the note field and it creates a hyperlink! This makes it incredibly convenient to use!

Now, Evernote is the place for all my information, thoughts and ideas! It improved my workflow a lot!

But imagine how amazing it would be, To build notes with hyperlinks to other native apps (as mail) then you dont have to copy the text out of an email (which adds a lot of clutter anyway), but only copy a hyperlink! One click and it brings you to the mail application and you can respond to an email! One click on a document and you can refresh your memory!

Evernote would be so much more powerful if I could create hyperlinks to specific emails, documents and files! Then it would really become the hub for All my information

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