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Hi everyone,

I love evernote as THE inbox for all my thoughts and ideas. Additionally, I use Things to organize todo´s. In this application, I can just drag and drop almost anything into the app and it automatically creates a hyperlink to the local file! This is absolutely amazing and I was searching for ways to integrate links to emails, files etc into evernote!

I can understand, that these links might not be syncing across all mobile devices etc., but if I link a file to my local dropbox folder, it should work on different macs as well...if not...ok, I don´t mind!!

Uploading files to evernote is ok, but during a project these files might change a lot and the uploaded file stays in its old form (uploading the newest version all the time cannot be the solution).

I would be perfectly fine paying for the premium account in order to get local links (so it does not hurt your business model if people don´t upload stuff)...I hope there is a way to do drag n drop files, emails and links to evernote so that i just need to click in order to open the local stuff...just as in the things application!!! Thx for your help :)

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Thank you for your quick reply!

I want to have all of my files in just one location! 40% of the stuff I need on a daily basis is bigger than the upload restriction...I would have to maintain 2 seperate file systems to organize these things...one in evernote and one @dropbox or sth. Keeping the filestructure in sync would be way too much effort...

its just amazing in "Things" to click a link to go to a specific mail in the mail app and reply within this native app! Safes you sooo much time

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A MASSIVE +1 to this.

I use Evernote note links to link everything together into an index which is super handy for all my documents but really breaks down when all I want to do is link it to large media files available on the file system.

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In the Windows client, at least, you can create shortcuts to documents, and copy them into an Evernote note. Double-clicking on the shortcut will bring up the document in its default handler (Open with... doesn't work, as far as I know, as it does with an embedded document). So: in Explorer, right click on a document, click on Send to..., select Desktop (create shortcut), drag into an Evernote note. Voila.

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Thank you for your answer! I´m using Evernote for mac! I am now able to link to files by pressing cmd+k ->drag n drop the file into the link window -> write "file:///" in front of the text and that´s it...

Its not really handy though! I would love to just drag n drop files, emails etc. into a note and automatically creating a hyperlink to that file..

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