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(Archived) (Archived) Copying text in a note doesnt work


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Phone: HTC Sensation 4G

Android: 2.3.4

Evernote: 3.2.1 / free version

HTC Sense: 3.0

When I am viewing a note (not in edit mode) I cannot copy text from the note to paste elsewhere. I have tried long press, from the menu, and tap then longer tap....all nothing.

I need to be able to copy text from an Evernote note and paste it elsewhere. Why is this not something standard?

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Looks like this is a choice the EfA team made to protect note content. I'd assume that if you are allowed to select text in one view, you would then be able to copy, edit or delete it. That option is therefore behind the ~edit menu.

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you would then be able to copy, edit or delete it. That option is therefore behind the ~edit menu.

Edit or delete it? I don't get what you are saying.

Say I am viewing a note; in viewing mode. I need to copy some text and send it to a friend; or I need to copy a username/password to log into one of my sites. I'm not editing or deleting it. I just want to copy it and paste it elsewhere.

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..was trying to explain why it might not be routine to copy text from the standard view, but you'd have to press ~edit first. If you can copy text after choosing ~edit I can see it's a nuisance to have the extra keypress, but you at least seem to have a workaround while the guys at Evernote think about maybe upgrading the app to allow a copy-without-edit option.

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The extra key press doesn't bother me. The [huge] problem I see is that once you are in edit mode, you have the chance to alter the note by accident. I have almost done that myself. That is not good. The only workaround is to buy Copy Text or Copy Paste It. Don't really want to do that.

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I see that this thread is an year old, but I haven't come across any solution or an explanation. I store a lot of stuff like addresses, which I frequently need to copy and paste in my mail or sms. But it's very frustrating to not have a select & copy option when viewing a note. Going to edit mode is an unnecessary extra step and also can also result in unintended modifications as picxelplay mentioned above.

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