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(Archived) All Evernote exporting features broken in 3.0.2 on Lion



I clip images that I find on the web. Sometimes, I'd like to use the desktop client to export them in the format that they came in with, rather than manually right-click and save each note from the web interface, which is pretty 2003. And of course, good export features are built into 3.0.2 (they may have been in earlier versions, I'm not sure).

Anyway, the export features just don't work. Here's how I can duplicate the crash, using 3.0.2 and Lion. I want to do this with images, but it happens to me with every file type, including text notes:

1) Right click any image in its note, and select Save As. Beachball.

2) Right click any image in its note and select Copy. Beachball.

3) Right click any note in the notes list, and select Export Note. Beachball.

4) Right click any batch of notes in the notes list, and select Export Note. Beachball.

5) Right click any note in the notes list, and select Open With Preview. Beachball.

This functionality is broken beyond dispute for me. I've tried cleanly reinstalling the client (wiping out the database and all preference files first with Appcleaner, and then re-downloading said database from the cloud on app reinstall), so what else can I do?

What's really unfortunate about this is that it has never been easy to get your data out of Evernote, or to share it outside of the Evernote ecosystem, whatever anyone wants to say about the wide compatibility of HTML exports. If I can't hotlink and embed images to the web (the economics of which I understand) but ALSO can't even use something like the IMGUR extension in Google Chrome to right click and re-host them, and THEN I ALSO encounter this problem on the desktop client, well... I have a lot of data in a proprietary db, and it's not getting to where it wants to go. That's too bad.

So can anyone suggest a workaround, or is this simply how it is?

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I would like to add that I have experienced the same issues as the thread starter. Except the thread starter has apparently been able to get a context menu sometimes when right-clicking (or double-tapping on the trackpad, or control-clicking, or whatever). I often get a beachball merely when I right-click on almost anything in Evernote, before the context menu even appears. I notice it most often with PDFs (when I try to get them to display as attachments or inline).

I'm dealing with it for the time being by having PDFs default to inline view and avoiding using a secondary click on anything.

I'm on 3.0.2 RC and Lion 10.7.1.

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I have to say, I'm pretty surprised that nobody has any input. Nobody from Evernote can address that every export feature in the mac client is broken? Seriously?

I'm not a pro subscriber anymore, but I sure might be if I could get some feedback on this. I sure hope this is on your roadmap guys, because it doesn't look good for the brand when you leave broken features just hanging out there in non-beta releases. At least put it into release notes, or blog about it, or address it in some fashion.

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Thanks for posting. Currently, we're unable to reproduce this internally and are still looking into this issue. If you have hardware specs you're able to share, that could be useful.


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