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(Archived) EMPTY TRASH does not delete supporting files



I'm using Evernote version 3.0.2.

When emptying trash, notes are removed from Evernote, but their supporting files are not. The supporting files, located in a sub-folder of ~/Library/Application Support/Evernote/external edits remain on my hard drive even after they have been deleted from Evernote.

IMHO supporting files should be deleted when emptying the trash from within Evernote. Is there any good reason they are left on the hard drive only to occupy valuable space?

Is there any way to force deletion of these no longer needed files? If I were to export all my notebooks, delete all supporting files and then do an import, would this accomplish what I want?


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I've learned that in addition to not deleting supporting files in the external edits folder, Evernote also keeps files in the data folder when they are deleted within the application. Files in folders within the data folder can occupy 1MB or more of disk space.

I happen to have a 250GB SSD drive in my MacBook Pro...a small drive by today's standards. I don't really want useless junk on my drive taking up space. I have been saving a lot of files to Evernote, knowing that I will delete them when not needed. I'm quite surprised to learn that even after deletion, they're still on my hard drive.

I really hope Evernote programmers address this issue with deletion of supporting files when a note is deleted within the application.

Am I the only one concerned about this? How about at least a comment from Evernote personnel who frequent this forum?


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