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(Archived) Feature request: HTML archive with dates included

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I just started using Endnote this week as a research lab book. One concern I have is to ensure I can archive my notes in a format that is portable and likely will be readable in the future. I see there is an HTML archive option. This is very good, but I note that when it archives the notes the date information is not retained. Naturally you can get around this by putting a date in every note. However since the coding required to add the date to each HTML archive title is pretty quick, I hope this change can be made easily. This will ensure the archives are as useful as they need to be.

Otherwise it is a great software (from my first week at least). Thanks.


p.s. if you could make it so 'home' and 'end' go to the front of the line and end of the line, respectively in a note, it would be awesome...

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