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(Archived) Missing Something Simple for Changes?


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I'm fairly new to EN, but enjoying it and catching up quickly. But I'm not sure if I'm missing a simple thing here or if there is a fault in what I'm trying to accomplish.

I have a folder set for importing, and in that folder I have a single excel spreadsheet. I can make changes on the computer and sync and everything works fine. These changes can be seen on my phone with no problem.

However, when I make changes to the file from my phone and I try to save it, I'm given the option to save or save as. It seems that either of those options save the file as a new file on my phone. I can then find that file on my phone and upload it as a new note, but not save it to the existing note.

This would be fine, but I then have the old and new files and notes in EN.

Is there a way to open a document from EN on a phone, alter it, and save that back to the original note?

Thanks in advance,

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Files that are embedded in notes are part of the Evernote database. If you have separate files on your phone or computer they will not be synced with the database unless you manually sync them. If you open a file from Evernote and then save it normally, the embedded note will automatically be updated.

It's a red herring to have a file permanently in the import folder - I suggest you set the options to delete a file once it has been imported. If you are changing that file via your phone, then changing the file in the folder and importing it again, you are losing the changes you made by phone. Better to keep one file in Evernote and change only that file.

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Ok, I think we are on the same page, almost. I left the settings as default when I linked the folder, and that was set to leave the file after syncing. I guess I figured that it would sync that folder on the 15 minute schedule. I may play with that both ways to see the differences.

As for opening the file on the phone, I'm not sure we're on the same page. I open EN, open the note that has the embedded spreadsheet, and make any necessary changes. What I have noticed is that even when opening it, it opens it like a generic sheet (ie. spreadsheet 1, instead of the actual file name, Master WA's), and when I go to save it, it saves to the phone, but not back to the EN note. I've tried both save and save-as with no difference in outcome.

Am I doing something wrong or missing something. Doing the same thing from EN on any of my computers opens the file and saves back to the note like you describe.

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You're right - saving the spreadsheet from Android just gets me a downloaded file save, it doesn't go back into the note. Good catch - I wouldn't have realised this "normal" Evernote behaviour didn't apply to EfA until I lost (at least temporarily) some data! Short term you may have to embed generations of files in the note as you change the spreadsheet, then edit the older versions out.

Dear Evernote - another item for your Android to-do list...

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