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(Archived) recovering lost notes


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I started using evernote on my android some months ago. Apparently I never created an account with evernote. So I moved my data to the sd card then reinstalld evernote. Created a new account and password on my laptop and droid with the same username and password, but cannot seem to be able to get the information that I moved to the sd card back. Was it removed when I uninstalled ?

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I'm pretty sure you need to create an account in order to use the product...??? If you had another account & sync'd all your notes up to the EN servers, using that same login would allow you to sync those notes back down from the EN servers.

Simply moving your EN database from your device to an SD card & uninstalling the app will not delete any data that was sync'd to the EN servers.

If you had another account (which as I said earlier, I'm pretty sure you had to create one in order to get into the app) and had them all sync'd up to the EN servers & now you want those notes in your newly created account, the easiest way would be to use a desktop client (Windows or Mac), log into the old account, sync (so you get all the notes that were earlier created on the Droid & sync'd) & then export all those notes to an enex file. Then log out of that account (trickier on a Mac) and log into the new account. Sync first (to make sure the newly created account has any notes that were added recently from your Droid.) Then import the enex file & sync the newly added notes up to the EN servers. You can then sync those notes down to your Droid. (Hope this makes sense.)

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