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(Archived) Confused about non-visible notebook



I've just started to use Evernote, and I'm a bit confused. I have set up a default notebook but I can't see it in the Mac version of Evernote (v3.0.1) but I can see it on my iPad. my iPhone and on the web ... but not on my Mac. Can anyone explain why? Have accidentally hid it in some way, if so how do I unhide it?

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I just thought of something you could try. Go to the web client & create a new notebook "temp". Move the note from Inkommande to "temp". Delete the Inkommande notebook. Now sync your Mac. Does the temp notebook show up on your Mac? If so, go back to the web client & delete the now empty Inkcommande notebook. Then rename "temp" to Inkcommande & sync the Mac.

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If I do this, the new notebook is synced, I can move the note to it. But once I have moved it all references to "Inkommande" disappears from the Mac client.

I'll not remove Inkommande in the case the Evernote people want to take a look at this.

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