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(Archived) PDF Zoom Suggestions/Bugs

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Couple things that might be nice in future versions of Evernote:

1. Right now, when zooming in/out of a PDF, the PDF is resized to the upper left corner of the file. Most (if not all) applications I've seen with this functionality maintain the PDF in the center as a user zooms in and out. Since it's so common with other apps, it would be nice if Evernote's zoom worked the same (in fact, any program that has a zoom feature typically maintains a centered-base zoom, such as Google Maps, Photoshop, etc).

2. Also, with respect to zooming in general, some files seem to act a little crazy when zooming in and out. I have a PDF book and when I zoom out, the image gets pushed down the screen and then I'm required to scroll down to see the first page. Not sure if it's a bug or not but wanted to call attention to it. Only when I view the PDF at actual size is the first page at the top of the preview pane (or whatever that area is called).

3. Finally, is it possible to add shortcut keys for zooming in/out?

* Forgot to mention. I'm using Evernote for Mac - Version 1.1.3a Beta (33105).

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Thanks for the suggestions/feedback.

#2 is an existing bug ... this is a bit hard to reproduce, but I got it to happen twice on my machine while playing with PDF files for a while.

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