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(Archived) Why have you removed ink options?

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That clipper was designed by the people who designed the original Evernote - the standalone version, and we simply were unable to keep all the functionality when we moved to .Net.

However, with the acquisition of Skitch, we fully intend to bring "drawing" back to clipping on Windows.

I don't have a timeframe, but the functionality is there and will be brought back to Evernote products in the future.

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If it's the drawing/annotating of a clip you want, you can use a third party tool. I use both Jetscreenshot (free) and Snagit (not free). (For anyone stumbling across this thread later, those are Windows apps. Although this is in the general discussion section, OP has stated he's using a Windows version.)

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I use it to take handwritten notes, so I think I'll have to continue with 3.1. :)

I hope that functionality come be back as soon as possible.

You keep mentioning ink & handwriting. If you're taking handwritten/ink notes, that functionality is in EN 4. If you're talking about adding handwritten notes to screen caps/clips, you can do that with the third party apps I mentioned. I use both of the ones I mentioned, pretty much every day. They are both very easy to use & you can copy the image to your clip board when done & paste it into an Evernote note.

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I know I can take handwritten notes in EN 4, but I want to change paper color, grid color, etc and you can't do that in EN 4.

If you really want to move to EN4, you may want to take a look at Phatpad. It allows you to change paper color, grid, etc. I use that with a Wacom Bamboo tablet to make handwritten notes that I then import into Evernote. When I import into Evernote, I make them either image files or PDFs, so they are no longer ink notes. Or, you could store the Phatpad file in Evernote as an attachment & be able to edit the Phatpad file by double clicking the icon in the Evernote note. Phatpad is payware though.

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