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Email to Evernote loses attachment?

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When I send an email to my evernote account, does it always parse the attachments as text in the note, rather than just leaving them as attachments?

My situation is that I'll get emails that I want to remember & reply to later, and I sometimes lose track of them in Outlook. What I'd like to do is get them in Evernote (which I check frequently), and respond from there. But the key is - respond immediately. I really want the email as an .msg attachment, so that I can just click it from the note & open it up in Outlook in order to hit reply.

I can do this by dragging the email to the desktop, adding an evernote note, then clicking attach & attaching the email, but that's clunky. Then I discovered Outlook's "forward as attachment", which forwards the email as an attachment. "Hooray!" I said to myself - this'll work now!

Nope. Tried it this morning - got the text of the email instead of getting it as an attachment.

Any thoughts? EN seems to try to push us to the Forums rather than direct to support, so I'll try here first.

(And while "manage your email better" is a good suggestion, my question is about why I can't email a .msg attachment & have it show as an attachment in my note).

Not that it should matter anymore, but I am a premium user.

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did you ever get a response, or a workaround?

I'm having issues with attachments dissapearing, but just about any type of attachment that I eamil from outlook to my EN addy.

would also LOVE to know how to do the Forward as attachment thing, if you figured out how to make that work.

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