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(Archived) Copy notes to a new notebook?

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Until now I have had just one notebook with all my notes in it. For an upcoming trip I just created a new notebook and want to copy all notes with a certain tag from my main notebook to the new notebook (using the Windows client). I can click on the tag in my main notebook which then lists all those notes in snippet view, then I can select all the snippets so they are highlighted. But when I right-click and choose "copy", then go to the new notebook and do a paste, nothing happens.

Is there a way to copy all notes with a certain tag and place them in another notebook? The end result I want is for all the notes with that tag to be in the new notebook, but not affect the old notebook. I then want to set the new notebook to offline and download it to my Android phone so I can access the notes while on my trip when there is no internet connection.

EDIT/UPDATE: I found that I can copy one note at a time but when multiple notes are selected, the "Copy Note" option is not available. Guess I'll have to copy each note individually. There are only 23 of them so it shouldn't take too long. Is there a quicker way to do this?

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I would strongly suggest that you NOT use any sort of copy command. Just move the notes to your offline Trip notebook for the trip and move them back when you get home. I just did that on my most recent trip - stuff like my AAA membership info, address and phone numbers of the people I would visit, etc.

Copying notes to another notebook creates all sorts of havoc in figuring out which version is the correct and updated version.

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Thanks for the tip. I will move them instead of copying.

Update: Actually, I wanted to edit the notes after putting them in the trip notebook to delete information within each note that isn't pertinent to this particular trip. But I want to keep all the information in the original notes. If I create blank new notes in the Trip notebook and then copy the "contents" from the original note to the blank trip note, would that causes problems? (By copy the contents, I mean do a select-all on the body of the original note, then CNTL-C (in Windows) then go to the blank note in the trip notebook and paste it.)

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Sounds OK

In other words, if you are going to Yellowstone National Park, you would

1.) create a new note named Yellowstone Trip, then copy previous trip info + travel tips from the original note

2.) remove the non-Yellowstone content from the new note

I do something like that with an Evernote note that contains "Stuff to Pack".

For short trips and non-airline trips, I will copy the list and remove items about Flight tickets, airport arrival times, etc.

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