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(Archived) Storing relationships information

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I'm very new to Evernote and am wondering if it is possible to store information about the relationships between the various notes I enter.

A generic example may help me explain...

If say I enter details about people...


Name: Mary

Contact details: ....

Notes: ....


Name: John

Contact Details: ...

Notes: ...

etc. etc.

Now I want to connect them and define how they're connected

Mary John which implies John Mary.

so for an address book of many people I can see all the ways in which Person x is related to the others.

I can use this not just for people, but for any Things, Organisations, Concepts, etc. that have relationships to others.

I can then represent that as trees (with information being stored in the branches as well as the nodes).

There was an excellent PIM called InfoCentral many years ago that did this but unfortunately Corel bought it, didn't understand it, messed it up and eventually stopped developing it. It is still available for free download from http://www.macros.koenecke.us/InfoCentral/ but it is stuck as a Windows NT version.

Can a similar thing be achieved with Evernote??

If not, does anyone know of a system that does this? Database-modelling systems do a similar thing but are too specific to the task of modelling a database.

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