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(Archived) Font issues with native iphone application

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I've been an enthusiastic user of Evernote. I remain so. I was soo looking forward to a native application. Now that I have it, I need to point out three limitations I find in the application I downloaded:

1. As others have noted, the inability to edit and add to a note once created is a problem.

2. Not a problem with Evernote itself, but only web based apps can flip from portrait to landscape. I really miss this feature in the web based app.

3. Partly as a result of point #2 above, many of my notes have become unreadable in the native app because the font is too small to read. All the notes I've entered either on the iPhone or in the Mac desktop app are too small to read and must be expanded to readibility. I also have many Evernotes clipped from web pages or pdfs. I can't read them as they initially appear, I have to expand them to read them and, when I do that, I have to scroll each line horizontally.

Without a onboard database, the native app really provided nothing beyond what is available on the web app (except pending). For now, I've reverted to the web app so I can read my notes.

Note: I was initially going to make the above comments as a review @ the iTunes Store. But, in retrospect, I like Evernote too much and have chosen to keep these comments within the family.

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Just a brief note to second these issues. I like the functionality of the native app, but the font problem makes it almost unusable.

I have to agree. I have to zoom in an absurd amount before I can actually read anything.

Overall though, excellent app. I love the idea and the interface.



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