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(Archived) syncing offline notebooks to Dropbox or Wuala

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Since Evernote doesn't allow for client side encryption for full notebooks, I would like sync my offline notebooks with a service like Wuala, which does offer this encryption capability. This allows me to sync Evernote notebooks with multiple systems.

However, it seems that when Evernote is open, it's constantly making changes to the offline folder database, which causes services like Wuala (which is like Dropbox) to constantly upload the offline notebook database constantly, even if I'm not making any changes.

Does anyone know of a solution to this issue?

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You posted this in the general discussion, rather than the client you're using. If you're using the Windows client, all notebooks (sync'd or local) reside in the same database. Please refer to this post I posted today regarding Evernote, Dropbox & security. You may also find searching on Truecrypt helpful. I put my EN database in a Truecrypted volume.

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