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Suggestion - Change last modified date of note when tagged

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I use Evernote to track action items. I use a saved search that shows me action items that I have completed in the past 7 days. I define completed as tagged with a tag that means completed. Because tagging a note does not modify the date modified for the note, in order to make this work i have to make a fake change to the action item note if for no other reason than to tweak the last modified date so that it will show up in my search. I'm sure you have users that appreciate the fact that tagging a note does not change its last modified date, but if it could be configurable to do so if desired, it would make a simple but much appreciated difference in my experience with the software.

Thanks so much for making and improving Evernote. I am a huge fan and use it daily.

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is this still an issue? i've noticed many such quirks in evernote and i am pretty sure they are bugs and not features. they've got a ways ahead of them before they think of selling any more cheesy backpacks.

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For better or worse (some will say better, some will say not!), this behavior is by design, not a bug.


I realize the original post here is from 2011, but there's now one solution to this request which didn't exist back then, taking advantage of the Reminders feature.


When you mark the note with the "Completed" tag, also mark the note's Reminder as Done.  You don't even have to actually use the full Reminders feature; just turn on the Reminder and then immediately click again to mark it Done.


This way, you can use the "reminderDoneTime" search criteria.  So for example, to find all notes completed in the last 7 days as the OP wanted, you'd search for:


tag:Completed reminderDoneTime:day-7


assuming of course that you used a tag called "Completed" to flag your done items.


This also gives you another advantage in that you can look at the Reminders section of your client to see these recently-completed items, without even having to do the above search.


One could also make the case that you don't even need the Tag here; just mark an item's Reminder as Done and search for that.  This is hard to see visually though, at least in the Windows client, so it does probably make sense to still use the Tag.

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