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(Archived) Emailing from EN and task managers

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EN is not a task manager, as everybody knows. Truly, I don't think that getting a due date field will change a lot: task managers are very sophisticated nowadays. Even the most simple ones have repeated tasks, option "clear completed tasks" etc. Also, notes containing single tasks will mix with some checkboxed lists within single notes, making things very cluttered. So, EN is not a task manager and is not supposed to be one.

For me, that's absolutely fine.

What is not fine is that EN does not work with ANY of the task or list managers I've tried. By "work" I do not mean a full support or deep integration, but rather a very simple operation:

- creating a list in EN (e.g. a shopping list)

- emailing it to a task manager

- getting there a nice-looking, manageable list of tasks.

In theory this scheme should work flawlessly: EN can send emails, list services can receive and understand emails and transfrom them to tasks.

In practice, it is an epic fail. For example, this is what happens when one sends an email with a shopping list to http://wunderlist.com:


With other services I've tried the situation is even worse. To http://rememberthemilk.com tasks sent from EN never arrive. http://todo.ly gets only the name of the list. http://gubb.net receives only the first task from the list.

To me, this is a big problem. Emailing from EN is advertised as an existing feature, that I would use a lot, but I never do. I can't email notes to people because of annoying "From Evernote" line in the very beginning, and it does not work with any task managers I've tried so far. I reported this twice, it is classified as a bug, but there are no improvements whatsoever. At least these limitations should be written somewhere in the documentation.

Very depressing.

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