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(Archived) feature request: copy paste find reorganise taglist

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This are two points that are important to improve.

1. When i have the list with tags (I use many - 1000 - tags), it is not easy to reorganise: i can not copy en paste a tag to other location (tagsection with subtags) in my taglist and and i cannot copy more then one tag: i have to do all with the mouse (drag--‐and--‐drop). You get rsi from it and it is very very slow procedure. For me is difficult to understand that the people from evernote not solve this problem: reorganisation of tags is one of the essential things of this type of program.

2. It is difficult to find a tag (you remember that you make one time) that is in the wrong place in your taglist. You can not search for the location: how to find back?. For example the tag “moon” belongs as a subtag to “planets” but by mistake I put it under the first-level-tag books. How to find back? Not possible (only by looking all items of the taglist)

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This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies.

This topic is now closed to further replies.
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